Bose Wave Radio II Arduino Remote Clone

After recently reading the Clone a Remote with Arduino instructable by randofo, I was inspired to try to clone the remote of my Bose Wave Radio II. While this radio is outstanding from an acoustic perspective, the fact that it’s only means of control are by remote (only one remote is included) makes this single point of failure design far from ideal.

My goal was to essentially create a “backup” version of the included remote with only the basic functions necessary to operate the radio in the event that something should happen to the remote itself (lost, broken, dead battery, etc.).

I started with the Raw IR Decoder sketch on randofo’s ‘able, loading it onto my Duemilanove. Then I hooked up the IR transmitter and pushbutton to my Uno. From there it was mostly trial and error to find the minor differences between the actual remote’s timing and my clone’s timing. Once I had the numbers, I just transposed them all into randofo’s framework for sending IR commands.

This sketch is just the barebones commands, implement control as you wish (build yourself a second remote with a button for each function, send serial commands to the arduino, etc.). Commands are easily accessed, simple function calls.

Command List
Volume + –> volumeUp()
Volume – –> volumeDown()
On/Off –> power()
FM –> fm()
AUX –> aux()
Preset # –> preset#()
EX: Preset 1 –> preset1()
Tune Up (>) –> tuneUp()
Tune Down ( tuneDown()
Mute –> mute()

See instructables for the file download. Also, download the instructable as a PDF here.


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